At Waffletto, we make waffles and provide great experiences. But we are also so much more. We are a family behind an amazing, one-of-a-kind brand as we strive day after day to share our unique flavor and exceptional values. Waffletto began as an idea, which then turned into motivation and led to a craving for whetting people’s appetite for an incredible breakfast.

Our team at Waffletto is obsessed with trying new flavors, ideas, and concepts. We were founded with the dream of being a restaurant for people of all ages, cultures, and expectations. And with those values, we have created a place where you can find all different kinds of tastes for any situation—from salty waffles with numerous flavorings and crazy delicious milkshakes satisfying your sweet tooth to healthy, yet scrumptious, options for those seeking a more guiltless experience.



Our purpose is to provide a memorable and unique dining experience where we help you ESCAPE from your everyday life by enjoying our high-quality and unique products, while focusing on you and your loved ones.

Express your thankfulness for life.

Socialize with friends and family.

Celebrate your hard work.

Appreciate the things that matter to you.

Proceed to have a good time. And…

Elevate your existence (because you matter).

Strawberry Pecan Salad - Waffletto Goodyear AZ & Avondale AZ

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